Happy 9th Month Baby Bug! (And Happy Halloween!)

October has been f a n t a s t i c!!! Happy 9th month baby!!! I’m right on time this time around! Let’s do a round up of all the exciting stuff which happened Since it’s Sagey’s 9th Month, let’s talk about 9 things which made me smile 1) I kinda caught up with […]

Happy 8th Month Sage!

Well, happy 8th month and a bit!! I’m about a week late in posting this We’ve been feeling under the weather pretty much the whole month! Sage has a perpetual runny nose, Sage’s mom has a perpetual cold, Sage’s mom’s colleagues have been sick – TWICE They don’t think it’s funny anymore – I’ve been […]

Too Cute Not To Post — Sage and The Giant Watermelon

Move over James and The Giant Peach! We’ve got Sage and The Giant Watermelon!! We brought Sage to the supermarket over the weekend to visit her fruit and veggie friends (which she adores now that she’s on solids – hurrayyyy!!!) She took to the watermelon exceptionally well, digging her ginormous baby hands into the slice […]

Random Realizations: You Know Parenthood is Getting Easier When…

First installment of my “Random Realizations” segment — For all the first time mummies out there – just so you know you’re not alone – and that it does get easier and less frantic + hectic SOON(ish) 1) you actually start bringing your handbag out (instead of putting your wallet in the diaper bag and […]

Happy Mother’s Day!!

“ARGGHHH it’s Mother’s Day already?!” Good Morning!! Happy Mother’s Day to all mommies out there! It’s my very first Mother’s Day and I’m looking forward to a 4 generation Mother’s Day lunch celebration with Sage, my Momsie and Grandma and all my aunts and uncles! Well being a mom has really made me appreciate my […]

Hey!! Over here!!

Hello there! I’m still here!! Over here!! -waves- Down here!! Here in The Mommy-Hole!! Hello!!! Great – now that I’ve gotten your attention, welcome to The Mommy-Hole: Which I fell into the day Sage was born and I’ve been swaddled up in a bubble for the last 3 months and wallowing in (some not so) […]