Too Cute Not To Post — Sage and The Giant Watermelon


Move over James and The Giant Peach! We’ve got Sage and The Giant Watermelon!!

We brought Sage to the supermarket over the weekend to visit her fruit and veggie friends (which she adores now that she’s on solids – hurrayyyy!!!)

She took to the watermelon exceptionally well, digging her ginormous baby hands into the slice — for obvious reasons, we had to purchase the mentioned watermelon – the fruit lady at the supermarket didn’t take to ginormous baby knuckle prints on the watermelon as well as we did =P

We also had a record number of people tell us “oh so cute your son!” and after explaining to about half a dozen people that Sage looks like a boy coz she just doesn’t have much hair (yet), a sales lady told me “it’s not the hair which makes her look like a boy – it’s her face!”

Like a bullet!! Straight thru my heart!! Thanks auntie thanks

Special thanks to Auntie Jars and Auntie Oats for Sage’s spiffy m&m onesie! She rocked it out!!

Here’s to the start of yet another workweek! Hang in there guys!!



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