Happy 10th Sage!

Happy 10th Month Baby Manj!! We’ve added yet another nickname into the Sage-tionary “Manj” – short for “Manja” For those who do not know what this means – it’s a malay word which is usually used for people (adults more often than not) who want to be pampered or mollycoddled For more interesting Singlish words, […]

Flashback Friday – Italy April 2012

Friday Roundup┬áthis week – 18 Jan 2013 Birthdays Galore! 15th Jan – Happy Birthday to my team-mates Pony and Grubs 16th Jan – Happy Birthday to my Godpa 17th Jan – Happy Birthday to my Cousin Natata, my team-mate Bandung and galfriend Miss Honelope =) ahhh the joys of January Birthdays!! You know what they […]