About Me

Hi There!

This is Bulbie – a very qualifying term of endearment coined by my husband –

Bulbie (pronounced Bul-bee) noun : a marginally less embarrassing way / husband-created slang for “Bulbous”

Bulbous (pronouced Bul-bous) adjective : fat, round, or bulging – resembling a bulb especially in roundness e.g. a bulbous nose

Got the nickname at the start of my pregnancy with Sage – when my nose decided to double up and turn red – but now at my 3rd Trimester, the adjective Bulbous seems to fit to my entire body shape — ROUND + FAT

The Adventures of Bulbie will be my little blog of all things I love – from music to travel, from themed party planning to quotes and a whole lot of other what-nots — and of course, most importantly, The Bump

The Bump – Sage is due sometime this month (Jan 2013) – so wish me luck!!


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