The Calm AFTER The Storm

All was quiet and calm in the house this evening… The dogs were napping their lazy Saturday away… But that was the calm after the storm…   Saturday MORNING, 10 AM I was awoken by the incessant barking of Lerzy (a typical weekend routine – he’s usually grumpy that we, working adults get the weekends […]


Bump’s Still Here

Yup – last we checked, The Bump’s still here! Today was hilarious – I got calls from several friends and family to check on the status of The Bump – Conversations went something like this — Auntie M called during her lunch break: “Hey! It’s Auntie M! How How? Just called to check on you […]

Count Your Blessings

So the weekend came and went, and although it was short, it was definitely filled with many small surprises, kind intentions, good laughs and love from family and friends And thus, I would like to dedicate this post to all my loved ones ❤ Let’s count our blessings! (Monday’s almost over!)   Blessing #1: Gynae […]