The Calm AFTER The Storm

"It's all so quiet... shhh... shhhh... shhhh..."

“It’s all so quiet… shhh… shhhh… shhhh…”

All was quiet and calm in the house this evening

The dogs were napping their lazy Saturday away…

But that was the calm after the storm…


Saturday MORNING, 10 AM

I was awoken by the incessant barking of Lerzy (a typical weekend routine – he’s usually grumpy that we, working adults get the weekends off – for some reason – and thinks that we do not deserve to sleep in – pfft)

and suddenly… all went quiet

I seized the opportunity and tried to sleep some more (afterall, once Sage comes out, sleeping in will probably no longer be a remote possibility)

But then I heard Peas talking to my Mother-in-Law and something… was just… not… quite… r i g h t…

So I rolled out of bed (yes rolled — like a ball – just a very heavy, wobbly ball), and went downstairs to check out what was going on

Standing in front of me by the patio, was Butter and Lerzy intertwined – and Peas and the helper was kinda holding each of them together

My Mother-in-law was muttering something and had a super worried look on her face…

So I asked what happened — and Peas told me that Butter’s TEETH got stuck in Lerzy’s collar chain while they were play-fighting — and the more she tried to yank her way out, the tighter Lerzy’s collar was tugging at his neck

And there Peas was, sitting on my niece’s baby IKEA stool, feverishly trying to saw thru’ Lerzy’s metal dog collar — with a small swiss army knife

(I know it sounds really funny right now — but the toolbox was on the table – and it looked like Peas had already rummaged thru’ the entire toolbox — So given the desperate and urgent situation, he took what he felt was the best available tool — the handy swiss army knife)

So I said — “that’s going to take a few lifetimes – why don’t we get one of those chain cutters? you know they ones thieves on TV use to trespass with?)

My Mother-in-law immediately zipped off to the nearest handy shop to look for that

In a matter of minutes, she’s back with a huge chain cutter thingamajig (I think now that our family actually owns one of THOSE funky monkey tools which you’d probably only use once every decade, I’d like to give it a cooler name – “Grand Theft Auto Chain Cutter” – or GTA CC)

So anyways, using GTA CC, we cut Lerzy’s chain and they were untangled –

Lerzy looked happy to have his neck back, but Butter suffered lacerations on her face – we deduced that Lerzy went at her when she tried to yank her teeth out of his chain, not knowing she was asphyxiating him

Being the paranoid / border-line hypercondriac, I started fussing about Butter’s wounds (you can probably see the open-wound above her eye in the photo), and decided she needed to see the Vet (again) for good order

So we rushed her to the nearest Vet, begged the nurses to let us have a quick consult before the doctor went for surgery on the very legitimate reason that I’m about to pop and can’t afford to rush to find another Vet on a Saturday afternoon…

We recounted the whole dramatic story to the Vet, and he was pretty shocked that Butter’s teeth could actually get stuck in a harmless looking chain… and that it actually didn’t fall off!

But all went well, she was due for some stitches but escaped it as it was still considered superficial upon closer examination

This is what was written on the Examination Summary —

“Superficial lacerations on the face – Freak Accident”

Well well well – 2nd visit to the Vet’s this month Butter…


Saturday Evening, 4 PM

So all went well, and we got Butter back home (she narrowly escaped the Cone of Shame) and the two dogs were ignoring each other after the little tiff this morning

Eventually, Lerzy took the initiative and started trying to play with Butter – but it took a long while as she continued to ignore him for another hour or so (see photo below)

"let's kiss and make up?"

“let’s kiss and make up?”


SO — what a dramatic Saturday!

And after all that drama and squatting and running around and sweating, here I am, Saturday night, still typing away – no contractions, no show, nada =(

tick tock tick tock

Sage is really standing her ground eh?





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