Ready – Steady – PLUNGE!!!

So we went for our Gynae visit on Friday, and Sage weighed in at *drumroll* 3.5 kgs!!

Oh my gawd!!

She was just 3.131 kgs 6 days ago, and on Friday, she was ranging between 3.38 and 3.6 kgs?!?

I mean seriously  Sage?!?!? SERIOUSLY???

There’s no need to bulk up before coming out you know – there’s plenty of good food out here – just that you’d probably have to cry to get attention before you’re served

The Gynae took extra measurements before she delivered the news – that yes, my 39.5 weeks old bump put on almost 400 grams, in 6 days

You should have seen Peas’ face – I think he turned a little pale

SO – what’s the plan if we still wanted a natural delivery? (it gets harder for a natural delivery if the baby is heavier than 3.5 kg it seems)

The Gynae told us we could induce the baby out

“How about today?” she asked — meaning on 25 Jan 2013 afternoon, she was asking if I wanted to induce birth on that very same day

We thought about it and freaked out  figured “it’s all too sudden” (i guess no one is ever really ready for parenthood eh?)

So Game Plan is if Chubby Sage doesn’t want to come out over the weekend, we’ll induce her out on Monday 28 Jan

and since it’s Sunday night and I’m still typing this, we’re going to induce Chubs out in a couple of hours

I asked Peas if he’s super excited and he said yes!

Then he asked me if I’m excited — I told him, yea excited for sure but —  I’m also scared TO THE MAX!!!

But oh well, it is what it is – tomorrow, I’m gonna have to suck it up and P U S H !

So wish me luck guys! Tomorrow’s the Big Day!

Hopefully the induction will be successful and Sage will plunge down the rabbit-hole and come out 28th or 29th Jan!!

Mommy and Daddy can’t wait to see you Sagey!

We even got your swimming costume ready for water polo practice =)

Just Keep Swimming!! Just Keep Swimming!!

Just Keep Swimming!! Just Keep Swimming!!




One thought on “Ready – Steady – PLUNGE!!!

  1. Hey val! Just clicked on the blog link and came to this 🙂 what a happy surprise!! Here’s hoping all will go swimmingly well. Best of luck and warmest wishes!

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