The Adventures of Bulbie AND BUB!


It’s official! Welcome to The Adventures of Bulbie and Bump BUB!

The last 6 days has been hectic to say the least – filled with joy, happiness, tears and sleepless / helpless nights

And as I am writing this – it dawned on me that blogging = less sleep = i need to wake up soon again = oh no = i need sleep now

so this post will be short

ahhh Motherhood – what can I say – I really haven’t got a clue

so i’m not going to blog about HOW things should be done – probably more like DON’T DO THIS! I LEARNT IT THE HARD WAY!

such is life =)

Peas and I are super excited to have Sage in our lives and we hope to share interesting bits and pieces with all of you soon

Many thanks for all the love we have been receiving from friends and family this week ❤ ❤ ❤

Peace Out

B and B (Bulbie and Bub)


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