We currently own 2 retrievers

Lele (aka Lerzy aka Dug The Digger aka Diggity aka Lerz Werz aka Courage The Cowardly Dog) — 6 year old Lab Retriever – We adopted the then named “Apollo” when he was about 2 and my husband’s life has never been the same again – I’m sometimes secretly jealous of the affection given to the dog – other times, i’m just outwardly jealous.

Butter (aka Fatty) — 6 year old Golden Retriever – She’s my ward-dog as she was put at our place by my Brother-in-Law who wanted to give her more roaming space (she’s awfully fat) – so I guess i have co-ownership of the lady

So that’s Fatty on the left and I-Can’t-Keep-My-Eyes-Open Lerzy on the right

Most of my Instagram pictures are of these 2 cuddly creatures — Follow me on IG @astlik


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