Greetings From Under The Rock

Salutations from under my rock!!


Yes indeed I found a lil’ nice cozy hole and crawled into it for what – the last 2 years thereabouts?

Don’t judge – life is full of inconsistencies and random large bouts of (massive) laziness the size of a small planet

That’s Sage (photo dated sept 2015 – for reals) – hair has grown out (finally) and still as chubby at >97th percentile

Here’s a quick post – just because – life really shouldn’t be about all work and no personal time eh?

Here’s to some Bulbie time!

So very quickly let’s run thru what happened say – over the last 2 years (no biggie – it’s just what happened since sage turned 1 until now – and she’s just 2.5 ++ years old – sooo… we have some time) 

  1. Sage turned 1
  2. I changed jobs (funny how I’m typing this now and my 2nd work anniversary is just around the corner)
  3. I turned 30 (good grief)
  4. Work work work work work work
  5. Ernie got married
  6. I stopped Waterpolo
  7. We did a wannabe hipster trip to Penang
  8. We did an epic trip to London and Scotland
  9. Sage started school at 20 months
  10. Sage turned 2
  11. I turned 30 again 
  12. Work work work work work work
  13. We did a trip to Sydney and Tasmania 
  14. We visited Taiwan again 
  15. Sage got her first taste of HFMD (hope I’m not jinxing her but it was pretty traumatic for me – thus notable)
  16. Lizy got married and we did a trip to the South of France for the wedding

Think that’s about it – see it wasn’t too long a list eh? 

Let’s see when the next post will come (I don’t know – maybe Sage’s 10th birthday or my 30th?!)

But I’m embarking on a #100happydays project on IG – will *attempt* to post something happy daily – just so I stop to reflect daily and count my blessings

So follow me on IG @astlik

Big love and kisses,



Happy 11th ++ Sage!

photo (1)


So i’m absolutely rubbish at updating this – Sage is almost 12 mths and here i am, typing away about her 11th month



the festivities came with a BAM this time around, with christmas, new year, 30th birthday…

and before i know it, it’s like, end Jan

and this time last year, i was counting down to Sage’s Birth Day =)

anyways, more of that in my 12th month round up (at the rate im going, it might get published sometime after easter)

love this pic of Sage – i really feel she might like waterpolo (fingers crossed)

especially with her mean-girl / game-on face / “you’re going DOWN” face (with some leftover food from lunch by the side of her mouth for extra fierceness)


"you're going DOWN"

“you’re going DOWN”

love you Manj!




mommy B

Happy 10th Sage!

cheeky monkey

my cheeky lil’ manj

Happy 10th Month Baby Manj!!

We’ve added yet another nickname into the Sage-tionary

“Manj” – short for “Manja”

For those who do not know what this means – it’s a malay word which is usually used for people (adults more often than not) who want to be pampered or mollycoddled

For more interesting Singlish words, check this Singlish Dictionary here

To round up the month, We’ve had quite a few adventures

1) Diwali came and went – but the catered food from Gayatri will forever be in our hearts – not to mention the Appam and Prata served up fresh from the prata uncle’s sizzling prata pan =) mmmm

Thanks Krishnas!!


2) Welcome 2 Taiwan – we did it – we survived our first overseas family trip! for those looking to bring their lil’ ones on a “not so short but not so long” holiday (because Malaysia / Thailand is too near and Australia is too far), I would highly recommend Taiwan as a destination

The place is baby-friendly TO THE MAX – we had people helping us with the strollers, jumping up to offer their seats to us on the train, random aunties wanting to play / entertain Sage, priority baby-queues, diaper changing stations pretty much everywhere… (and the list goes on and on)

I’m a believer now — indeed – “Welcome 2 Taiwan” 

The flight time was only 4 hrs – and thankfully Sage could still fit the baby bassinet (probably her first and last time – as we had a few flight stewardesses ask us if she was indeed less than 10kgs ……. ) so we made sure we took many photos to remember this by – here’s one (would also like to point out her awesome t-shirt)

Bassinet Baby

Bassinet Baby

I really ought to write a separate post on traveling to Taiwan with your baby…

But in case I don’t (which probably is the case – just managing expectations here – as you all can see, I’m the occasional blogger)…

Here are Bulbie’s Top 5 Tips on How To Travel With Your Baby

i) DO travel with your baby – 50 sgd round-trip plane tickets are hard to come by – seriously.

ii) You will probably feel so exhausted you want to go home within the first 2 days of arriving – you are not alone. Do not be ashamed / guilty for feeling like that (I would like to believe it’s normal especially if you are a working mom and mumnesia has set in and you no longer remember what it’s like taking care of your baby 24-7). The experience is worth it – I don’t believe I saw much of Taiwan at all – truth be told. But worth bonding with the Bub (and Hubs) for sure

iii) DO bring many many MANY MANY different toys for your baby to play with on the plane (a screaming kid on a plane is never funny – be it a 1 hr or a 20 hr flight) – we ended up passing Sage our plastic airline cups and containers to keep her occupied (thank god Eva Air provides plastic cutlery!!) – and no, flash cards are not toys (nor are they treats)

iv) DO overpack for the baby – toys, extra diapers, snacks, shoes (yes we lost a shoe in Taiwan – sadness), stroller (we had the longest debate on whether or not we wanted to bring a stroller as it basically means you have one less pair of hands for another luggage – but when in doubt – trust me – BRING IT! Unless you are happy to lug some 10 kgs of big lovin’ E V E R Y W H E R E, I do suggest you spread that lovin’ around – with a stroller.

In any case, you can convert the stroller into a moving play area too – so the baby can stay entertained while you visit museums – and when they get bored, they just sleep in it, and you pull the shade over – very nice)

Of course, bring the light-weight ones like Aprica / Combi etc etc, not the Bimmer of baby strollers like Quinny – unless you intend to jog with your baby while on holiday (?!)

Sage, Scarf, Stroller

Sage, Scarf, Stroller

v) DO splurge in a bigger hotel with more space and a nice big bath tub – you will need it to let the lil’ one crawl / run / crawl and run / splash around to tire them out

By 8pm every night, we felt like we had no more energy left – but the Sage was still ready to boogie on. So we had her crawling around the hotel room (try not to think about how dirty the carpets are – desperate times call for desperate measures)


4) Family Photos!

We are aiming to take family pics annually. Will post a couple of pics soon =)


5) Reading:

We’ve taken to reading parenting blogs these days – here are 3 interesting ones we discovered this week:

10 Common Mistakes Parents Make

Importance of Family Culture (if you have time, read Clayton Christensen’s How Will You Measure Your Life?)

On Privileges


6) Horrific Black Friday / Cyber Monday Shopping

Actually, it was too horrific and stressful I don’t really want to talk about it anymore


Well that was a long round-up

Til’ next time!




p/s: O M G Sage just woke up – at 2am in the morning! help

Happy 9th Month Baby Bug! (And Happy Halloween!)




October has been f a n t a s t i c!!!

Happy 9th month baby!!! I’m right on time this time around!

Let’s do a round up of all the exciting stuff which happened

Since it’s Sagey’s 9th Month, let’s talk about 9 things which made me smile

1) I kinda caught up with the whole “hashtag” thingamajig #finallygettingwiththeprogram #iwonderifthisiswhatwrittencommunicationwouldcometo #firstworldproblem #imsocoolicanhashtag #thisthingissureaddictive

2) check out the hashtag video featuring JT old news but I’m just #spreadingdalurve

3) as you all can see – Peas got me peonies for our anniversary!!!! Bragging a little but hey – it took me 7 years – so…

#myhubsboughtmepeonies #booyah

4) Sage is now 9.8kgs and still on the 97th percentile – “she’s growing very well huh” said the Ped – #understatement
She’s oh so cuddly!! (Sage that is)

5) Halloween!!!
Gone are the days we would dress up and go clubbing with friends #parenthoodproblem

So since we couldn’t go out to party, we brought the party to us!! #parenthoodsolution

We dressed Sage up in 2 costumes – the first being the love bug / lady bug (see first pic) and the second as a butterfly princess (see last pic)

She scored some candy from nice aunties – mommy and daddy are very proud of her – and our tummies thank her kindly

6) Baby Marcus’ first birthday party @ Macdonald’s

We had lots of fun eating stuff which Sage and Marcus couldn’t eat – but they did try some hot cakes!!

Well done Mommy Mary! Marcus is growing up to be a such a lovely boy!

Sage did try to kiss him but he managed to wriggle away

Note to self: better watch this one

7) Baby Gwen turned 1 as well!
Well done cousin!! Gwen is looking so cute and bubbly =)

My cousin Snowy has been such a sweetheart – encouraging and feeding me with my favorite ovaltine biscuits during my confinement – not to mention plenty of mommy tips


8) Uncle Nelson’s big 50 dinner


That’s actually my Dad – but Sage was just so affectionate I can’t help but post this!!

Anyways – Happy Birthday Uncle Nelson! =)

Thanks for always being there for Sage and her pedi / mani needs!! =)

9) last but not least – Auntie Ernie came all the way from Houston to visit Sage! And she brought along her maternal instincts and Hugh The Houston Pig!

Hugh accompanies Sage in the car everyday now

Thanks Ernie!! See you soon! Miss you loads!

That’s my #roundup for the month!

Hashtag frenzy over and out

Too Cute Not To Post – Essential Eames Exhibition


My favorite picture of the week!

We went to the Marina Bay Artscience Museum on Saturday and Sage loved the Eames exhibition! (She promptly fell asleep by the time we got to the 50 greatest photos by Nat Geo exhibition)

Thanks to Auntie Wanderlust for her company 😉


Happy 8th Month Sage!


Well, happy 8th month and a bit!!

I’m about a week late in posting this

We’ve been feeling under the weather pretty much the whole month!

Sage has a perpetual runny nose, Sage’s mom has a perpetual cold, Sage’s mom’s colleagues have been sick – TWICE

They don’t think it’s funny anymore – I’ve been warned

Welcome to the phlegmy world of baby germs!!

We are all getting better now – hopefully we can start going back into the pool soon! We miss seeing Sage splash around like a Lil’ Sea Manatee

On other news…

1) our family doctor told me straight up last week – Sage is going to be a Daddy’s Girl (apparently it’s just the way it is for first daughters) – he said his wife has been trying very hard to change it to Mommy’s Girl for the last 11 years – but he says – it’s almost like an unwritten rule

Daddy – 1 Mommy – who?!

2) October is going to be super exciting – with Baby Marcus and Baby Gwen celebrating their first birthdays!! Well down Mommies!!!!

3) wedding anniversary – happy 4th Peas! You still owe me peonies – I’m just sayin’

4) our friend has 2 Lil baby teeth now! Chomp chomp! Breastfeeding is not the same anymore.

Alrighty – Baby’s asleep – got to capitalize on the sleep

Over and out,

Too Cute Not To Post – Zebras!


My favorite photo of the week!

We went supermarketing and it was a lil chilly – so we wrapped my zebra-print scarf around her neck =)

She loved it! It stayed on for the whole trip! Must have felt like a big girl wearing zebra-prints =P don’t mess!

On other news, Sage has started a long string of sounds which she makes before she sleeps

It sounds like this “da da da da da deeeee da deeeee da deeee”

Yup – what used to be “noise” to Peas – is now melodious, joyful music to his ears

Mommy’s a tad bit jealous!

B for better be “ma ma ma ma meeee ma meee” next!!!!

Happy 7th Month Bub!!!


So I came home after work two days ago and scuttled over to Sage and said “HI BABY!! HI!!!!”

And to my amazement, she looked up and smiled and said “HI!” and went back to her toys

I called Peas over – “hey! Sage said hi to me! Seriously!!”

He replied “no lah – it can’t be”

Being competitive, he went over to greet our lil’ chubby wubby – “HI SAGE!! HIIII!!”

And she replied “HI!!”


Good times!! We feel like super proud parents – but never got her to do that again since then – which brings me to think that it really was coincidental

But “hey hey hey” who cares?!?
My baby said HI!

Happy 7th Month Bubba!!!

Here’s hoping you sprout out a head full of hair soon!

(Despite wearing hairbands out, we are still getting questions like “boy or girl?” Oh so very often)

B for booyah my baby said hi to me!

Too Cute Not To Post — Sage and The Giant Watermelon


Move over James and The Giant Peach! We’ve got Sage and The Giant Watermelon!!

We brought Sage to the supermarket over the weekend to visit her fruit and veggie friends (which she adores now that she’s on solids – hurrayyyy!!!)

She took to the watermelon exceptionally well, digging her ginormous baby hands into the slice — for obvious reasons, we had to purchase the mentioned watermelon – the fruit lady at the supermarket didn’t take to ginormous baby knuckle prints on the watermelon as well as we did =P

We also had a record number of people tell us “oh so cute your son!” and after explaining to about half a dozen people that Sage looks like a boy coz she just doesn’t have much hair (yet), a sales lady told me “it’s not the hair which makes her look like a boy – it’s her face!”

Like a bullet!! Straight thru my heart!! Thanks auntie thanks

Special thanks to Auntie Jars and Auntie Oats for Sage’s spiffy m&m onesie! She rocked it out!!

Here’s to the start of yet another workweek! Hang in there guys!!


Too Cute Not To Post – Hair Curler?!


Yes indeed – that’s a hair curler on top of Sagey’s head – a baby’s gotta do what a baby’s gotta do – it’s not easy looking so cute all the time

I managed to capture a shot of Sage doing her usual night routine – a quick shower, face mask, the occasional hair curler (or two) to make sure her hair is prepped just right… Etc etc etc

Happy 6th Month Baby Bear!!

Bulbie Momma Bear