Greetings From Under The Rock

Salutations from under my rock!!


Yes indeed I found a lil’ nice cozy hole and crawled into it for what – the last 2 years thereabouts?

Don’t judge – life is full of inconsistencies and random large bouts of (massive) laziness the size of a small planet

That’s Sage (photo dated sept 2015 – for reals) – hair has grown out (finally) and still as chubby at >97th percentile

Here’s a quick post – just because – life really shouldn’t be about all work and no personal time eh?

Here’s to some Bulbie time!

So very quickly let’s run thru what happened say – over the last 2 years (no biggie – it’s just what happened since sage turned 1 until now – and she’s just 2.5 ++ years old – sooo… we have some time) 

  1. Sage turned 1
  2. I changed jobs (funny how I’m typing this now and my 2nd work anniversary is just around the corner)
  3. I turned 30 (good grief)
  4. Work work work work work work
  5. Ernie got married
  6. I stopped Waterpolo
  7. We did a wannabe hipster trip to Penang
  8. We did an epic trip to London and Scotland
  9. Sage started school at 20 months
  10. Sage turned 2
  11. I turned 30 again 
  12. Work work work work work work
  13. We did a trip to Sydney and Tasmania 
  14. We visited Taiwan again 
  15. Sage got her first taste of HFMD (hope I’m not jinxing her but it was pretty traumatic for me – thus notable)
  16. Lizy got married and we did a trip to the South of France for the wedding

Think that’s about it – see it wasn’t too long a list eh? 

Let’s see when the next post will come (I don’t know – maybe Sage’s 10th birthday or my 30th?!)

But I’m embarking on a #100happydays project on IG – will *attempt* to post something happy daily – just so I stop to reflect daily and count my blessings

So follow me on IG @astlik

Big love and kisses,



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