Flashback Friday – The Birth Story

No one told me that being a new parent = no sleep + no personal time = dairy cow Apologies for the lack of will power and energy posts If it counts for anything, I actually drafted this post in FEBRUARY – I somehow forgot to post it =(   So Life With Pink Princesses asked me […]

Flashback Friday – Who Does Sage Look Like?

Happy Friday Everyone! Motherhood came and conquered – my days have been ALL about M I L K — yup, I’ve become a milk dispenser for Baby Sage So all I’ve been doing is wait for the next feed =P Not to forget the crying and burping and picture-taking and diaper-changing all day (and night) long […]

Flashback Friday – Italy April 2012

Friday Roundup this week – 18 Jan 2013 Birthdays Galore! 15th Jan – Happy Birthday to my team-mates Pony and Grubs 16th Jan – Happy Birthday to my Godpa 17th Jan – Happy Birthday to my Cousin Natata, my team-mate Bandung and galfriend Miss Honelope =) ahhh the joys of January Birthdays!! You know what they […]