Flashback Friday – Italy April 2012

Friday Roundup this week – 18 Jan 2013

Birthdays Galore!

15th Jan – Happy Birthday to my team-mates Pony and Grubs

16th Jan – Happy Birthday to my Godpa

17th Jan – Happy Birthday to my Cousin Natata, my team-mate Bandung and galfriend Miss Honelope

=) ahhh the joys of January Birthdays!! You know what they say about January Babies =)

Also watched a French movie “Amour” with Miss Wanderlust this week – won’t go on into the details of the film on this post – but the acting was superb! Movie was thought-provoking and is definitely worth the numerous Academy Awards Nominations

Weekend Plans

We’ll be seeing the Gynae tomorrow morning again to check on Sage – I don’t know if she’s finally engaged or not, but she’s definitely partying it up in the tummy these days *wootz wootz*

Also, we are having a little Birthday Celebration for Miss Honelope and Miss P.Baker at Casa Latina tomorrow evening – Hellooooo Chimichangas – it’s been a long while =P more reviews on the restaurant to come after!


Anyways – I digressed – main reason for today’s post (well it was meant for a Friday)…

Is to introduce FLASHBACK FRIDAYS!!! – because somethings are so good they need to be revisited again and again!!!

In today’s installment – I’d like to reminisce on our Honeymoon to Italy in April 2012 – Peas and I actually got married in Oct 2009 – but work and waterpolo commitments made it hard to take 14-15 days off at a go – so we only managed to take our long-awaited honeymoon some 2.5 years later =) but better late than never right?

So I selected my 12 favorite pictures taken during our Italy trip

Beautiful Italy

Beautiful Italy

(From Left to Right)

First Row:

– First and Second pictures are of Cinque Terre – which translates to “Five Lands” (first pic is of Riomaggiore and the second of Manarola). Located in the region of Liguria, famous for its pesto and seafood, we stayed in the scenic Manarola and went for a hike from Monterosso to Vernazza

Listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List, Cinque Terre is definitely worth a visit

– Third picture is of the Leaning Tower of Pisa – we made a day trip to Pisa while en-route to Florence – however, do come with a touristy mindset – the place is extremely crowded and has wayyyy too many souvenir shops. PLUS you can barely take a nice picture of the tower without getting someone’s head or arm in your way


Second Row:

All photos were taken in Florence (Firenze)

– First picture is of the Duomo– I think that this Duomo houses the most beautiful dome which we saw on our trip

– Second picture is of David, which I sneakily took at The Accademia. We spent a good half an hour sitting and staring at the sculpture’s front, and another half an hour at the back – still not too sure if we really needed a break from walking, or if the sculpture itself was so captivating that it made us spend that much time in the gallery…

But we were definitely mesmerized by the detail and life-likeness in this work of art.

For those who have heard horror stories of the lines and waiting time to enter The Accademia and Uffizi, fear not – you can actually book express tickets online so you can cut the queue!

– Third picture is of Ponte Vecchio – it was a very pleasant and romantic experience walking along the Old Bridge, which is characterized by the numerous goldsmiths’ shops


Third Row:

– First picture is one of Peas standing by the “Fountain of Joy” (Fonte Gaia), located at the Piazza del Campo of Siena – Siena is my favorite Tuscan city – beating Florence and Pisa. The old city packs in loads of charm and is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site

Did you know that they named a Crayola Colour (Burnt Sienna) after this Tuscan city?

If ever you visit Siena, be sure to visit La Taverna di San Giuseppe Siena for a hearty Tuscan meal – introduced to me by my Cousin J, it ranks as one of my top 3 best dining experiences in Italy =)

– Second picture was a random shot taken while we were roaming along the streets of Rome – the little brown dog decided to stop for a water break during her walk – she told me the water tasted so very fresh =)

– Third picture was taken when we went on the Subterranean Tour of the Colosseum – definitely worth paying up for a guided tour, the underground tour brought us to the restricted levels of the Colosseum – the tour guide also explained the history behind the “Flavian Amphitheatre” with much gusto (saves reading Frommers or Rick Steves)


Fourth Row:

– First picture was taken at the Pantheon – the Roman Temple just looks so harmonious and poetic – there was a serenity about just looking up and into the sky – we were really lucky to be at the Pantheon when it was sunny and rainy – all in the same day!

– Second picture was taken in Venice – the beautiful white sculpture called “Boy With Frog” by Charles Ray faces the Grand Canal – it was a mesmerizing sight – the sculpture is of the Boy, holding a Frog by its feet and looking at it with part curiousness and (almost) part disdain… until now, I don’t quite know what to make of it

– Third and final picture is one of some street art I discovered while we were walking the streets of Milan in search of some really good pizza – I named it the “Veggie Revolution”


So those are my 12 favorite pics from Italy! Thanks for letting me walk down memory lane this late Friday night

Happy Weekend everyone!




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