The Calm AFTER The Storm

All was quiet and calm in the house this evening… The dogs were napping their lazy Saturday away… But that was the calm after the storm…   Saturday MORNING, 10 AM I was awoken by the incessant barking of Lerzy (a typical weekend routine – he’s usually grumpy that we, working adults get the weekends […]


Does Your Bump Hang Low? Does It Wobble To & Fro?

Thankfully mine just hangs low – not so much the wobbling – that would be freaky Here’s someone with some wobbly-flabby problems of her own —> *point point* Butter (but you didn’t hear it from me) …… Posting her expression when I was whining to her about why isn’t Sage coming out yet — her […]

Beware of The Guava Face

Everyone, the above is a specimen pic of Butter’s “Guava Face”   Beware of this¬†irresistibly¬†cute look – she’s got only 1 thing on her mind… Yes – the sad truth is that she wasn’t giving me the endearing look – I was eating guava, Butter’s new found love (since we literally stopped feeding her any […]

Butter Visits The Vet

So Butter’s itchy scratchy skin problems are back again – no thanks to the oddball weather we have been getting these days (and of course her insatiable appetite for rubbish) After 2 postponements, we FINALLY braved the rain and brought her to visit the Vet Dr Chin on Wednesday night First laugh out loud moment […]