Butter Visits The Vet

Butter was thoroughly intrigued

Butter was thoroughly intrigued

So Butter’s itchy scratchy skin problems are back again – no thanks to the oddball weather we have been getting these days (and of course her insatiable appetite for rubbish)

After 2 postponements, we FINALLY braved the rain and brought her to visit the Vet Dr Chin on Wednesday night

First laugh out loud moment was the weighing in — I proudly exclaimed “come on Butter! let’s see how much weight you’ve lost with you new low carb diet”

So we launched her onto the weighing scale and to my dismay, i heard the vet assistant announce to the world “oh 32 kgs”

my heart sunk a little…

awkward silence…

Butter gained like 1 kg?!?! (when she was suppose to LOSE 6 kgs to her target weight of 25 kgs)

then a glimmer of HOPE — the assistant added “no wait no wait 31.95 kgs”

… …

hey, I’d take 31.95 kgs over 32 kgs anyday!


Next up, the above image — Butter decided to deposit herself in front of the main door – despite blocking the traffic coming in and out

after a few minutes, I realised she was looking at the dog “outside” – sheesh!

she was very entertained to say the least – probably thinking to herself “who’s that good looking dog outside?”


So diagnosis was — as Dr Chin would say “Butter’s very yeasty”

but I guess that’s marginally better than having a bacterial infection

back to the 40 days of anti-fungal meds again – oh joy…









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