Turning 29 With An Extra OOOMMMPPPHHH

So over the weekend, I celebrated my 29th birthday with friends and family – over 4 meals… yes 4 meals – starting with dinner on Friday, lunch on Saturday, dinner on Saturday and finally, tea on Sunday!

Since everyone says that I should enjoy my last birthday before I become a Mother (apparently after which, birthdays don’t belong to you anymore – you might not even remember your own birthday anymore – kudos to Mumnesia), I enjoyed as much as my belly could expand!!

This time next year, Sage would probably “ppppppffffftttttt pppppfffffttttttt” into my “her” birthday cake

First up – Dinner @ My Little Spanish Place along Bukit Timah Road (near Coronation Plaza)

We ordered a whole bunch of tapas and 2 types of paellas – Arroz Negra (black ink) and Paella de la Casa (saffron and chorizo)

Would recommend reservations to be made – the place is small and quaint, and was packed on Friday night

My Little Spanish Place

My Little Spanish Place

On Saturday, Hubs and I made our way to Bistro Du Vin (part of the Les Amis Group) for lunch. Located at Shaw Centre (1 Scotts Road), the Bistro Lunch Menu is served daily and offers a variety of French food, at extremely reasonable prices!

A very interesting place to people watch as well – we sat next to a jet-setting couple and opposite 5 tourists who seemed like they were on a bro-mance trip…

Would highly recommend the “Slow-Cooked Pork Belly” — sssooooooo good =)

Bistro Du Vin

Bistro Du Vin

Then came dinner with my family at New Ubin Seafood @ Sin Ming

Changing it up from European food, we feasted on a whole bunch of zhi char and seafood!

The hokkien mee is to die for — a MUST order if you visit the place

And as it was my birthday, I let the “Inner Trigger-Happy Asian” (noun: person who enjoys taking photos of their food) in me loose!

Seafood Mania

Seafood Mania

Finally on Sunday, my team mates had a little Dog Tea / Birthday Party – most brought their dogs (we kept the Troublesome Two at home as Fatty is still on medication and to be fair, Lerzy had to stay at home as well)

Love Dogs!

Love Dogs!

So that wraps up my 29th Birthday Bonanza – Thanks everyone for making ageing so enjoyable!


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