Hello There Bump!!

Hello Sage!

Hello Sage!

Who knew that black and white ultrasound pictures printed on light-sensitive, flimsy pieces of paper would bring SO MUCH joy to a parent-to-be?!

So far, we have been extremely lucky to get an ultrasound and a print-out every single visit to the Gynae =) (and so the hoarding begins)

Being first time parents (to be), these scans are so precious to us that we got a special envelope to contain the scans, and wouldn’t even leave it in the car as the “heat might get to it” –

oh boy — that’s just the beginning – I can foresee us hoarding more baby items and what-nots — “don’t throw that away – that’s the wrapper of Sage’s first bottle” – “keep that! keep that! that’s Sage’s first burp cloth” … …

oh boy

Well, while we are at the topic of ultrasound print-outs — seriously, these things fade (and a lot faster when exposed to sunlight and heat)

So some tips — which my Gynae told us

– don’t photocopy these (photocopying machines will expose the pictures to light)

– don’t laminate (laminate machines, are hot.)

– don’t use flash cameras (note flash cameras)

Safest bet is to just use your smart phone and take pictures of these scans without flash — tadahhhh! genius!

In any case, it’s amazing how in 40 weeks, the baby grows from a small flicker of a heart beat in your body into a 3+kg baby in your tummy =)

What’s also amazing (but not glamorous at all) is the fact that in the 40 weeks of pregnancy, your entire body basically “bulbifies” itself – I, for one, feel like a rolly-polly fridge – one upside of being rolly-polly is the buoyancy in the water – think graceful sea manatee 

But hey, there ARE certain perks of being a Pregger –

Late at night – thirsty – “Daddy I’m thhhhirrrssssttyyyy” *point at water flask 0.5 metres away from you*

At the supermarket – food craving – “Daddy – Sage wants chocolates” *point*

TV time – “Daddy – Sage wants to watch trashy TV show over History Channel” *point*

Not too bad huh?

Seeing Gynae this weekend – hoping to get another scan to hoard collect =)

Bulbie over and out


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