Happy 10th Sage!

Happy 10th Month Baby Manj!! We’ve added yet another nickname into the Sage-tionary “Manj” – short for “Manja” For those who do not know what this means – it’s a malay word which is usually used for people (adults more often than not) who want to be pampered or mollycoddled For more interesting Singlish words, […]

Happy 9th Month Baby Bug! (And Happy Halloween!)

October has been f a n t a s t i c!!! Happy 9th month baby!!! I’m right on time this time around! Let’s do a round up of all the exciting stuff which happened Since it’s Sagey’s 9th Month, let’s talk about 9 things which made me smile 1) I kinda caught up with […]

Happy 8th Month Sage!

Well, happy 8th month and a bit!! I’m about a week late in posting this We’ve been feeling under the weather pretty much the whole month! Sage has a perpetual runny nose, Sage’s mom has a perpetual cold, Sage’s mom’s colleagues have been sick – TWICE They don’t think it’s funny anymore – I’ve been […]

Random Realizations: You Know Parenthood is Getting Easier When…

First installment of my “Random Realizations” segment — For all the first time mummies out there – just so you know you’re not alone – and that it does get easier and less frantic + hectic SOON(ish) 1) you actually start bringing your handbag out (instead of putting your wallet in the diaper bag and […]

Happy Mother’s Day!!

“ARGGHHH it’s Mother’s Day already?!” Good Morning!! Happy Mother’s Day to all mommies out there! It’s my very first Mother’s Day and I’m looking forward to a 4 generation Mother’s Day lunch celebration with Sage, my Momsie and Grandma and all my aunts and uncles! Well being a mom has really made me appreciate my […]

Hey!! Over here!!

Hello there! I’m still here!! Over here!! -waves- Down here!! Here in The Mommy-Hole!! Hello!!! Great – now that I’ve gotten your attention, welcome to The Mommy-Hole: Which I fell into the day Sage was born and I’ve been swaddled up in a bubble for the last 3 months and wallowing in (some not so) […]