Random Realizations: You Know Parenthood is Getting Easier When…

First installment of my “Random Realizations” segment —

For all the first time mummies out there – just so you know you’re not alone – and that it does get easier and less frantic + hectic SOON(ish)

1) you actually start bringing your handbag out (instead of putting your wallet in the diaper bag and phone in the pocket for easy access for baby photo opps)

2) you actually have time to put on a face mask WWWOOOOHHHHOOO – very nice

3) you start having time to cut your toe nails — seriously.

4) you can actually reply to text and whatsapp messages on the same day – better still, within the same hour *V for Victory sign*

5) while running errands, you actually have time to drop by Laduree to buy macarons – for yourself! Just because!!!



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