Happy Mother’s Day!!


“ARGGHHH it’s Mother’s Day already?!”

Good Morning!!
Happy Mother’s Day to all mommies out there!

It’s my very first Mother’s Day and I’m looking forward to a 4 generation Mother’s Day lunch celebration with Sage, my Momsie and Grandma and all my aunts and uncles!

Well being a mom has really made me appreciate my own Momsie even more – the unconditional love and dedication, the sacrifices, the sagely (pun totally intended) wisdom and the calm reassurances — always supportive, always honest – without fail.

So really, the best gift Sage has given me this year, is to remind me of how lucky I am to have such a wonderful Momsie!

Anyways, while I was writing this post, I suddenly remembered a quote from one of my favorite books which we studied in secondary school:

“A girl is like a young tree, she said. You must stand tall and listen to your mother standing next to you. That is the only way to grow strong and straight. But if you bend to listen to other people, you will grow crooked and weak. You will fall to the ground with the first strong wind. And then you will be like a weed, growing wild in any direction, running along the ground until someone pulls you out and throws you away” – The Joy Luck Club by Amy Tan

Mothers do know best! Or at least all their intentions are for our own good!

So thanks very much Momsie for making me grow strong and straight — definitely beats becoming a weed for sure!!

Happy Mother’s Day Momsie! Love you very much!

Bulbie The Strong and Straight Tree


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