Happy 9th Month Baby Bug! (And Happy Halloween!)




October has been f a n t a s t i c!!!

Happy 9th month baby!!! I’m right on time this time around!

Let’s do a round up of all the exciting stuff which happened

Since it’s Sagey’s 9th Month, let’s talk about 9 things which made me smile

1) I kinda caught up with the whole “hashtag” thingamajig #finallygettingwiththeprogram #iwonderifthisiswhatwrittencommunicationwouldcometo #firstworldproblem #imsocoolicanhashtag #thisthingissureaddictive

2) check out the hashtag video featuring JT old news but I’m just #spreadingdalurve

3) as you all can see – Peas got me peonies for our anniversary!!!! Bragging a little but hey – it took me 7 years – so…

#myhubsboughtmepeonies #booyah

4) Sage is now 9.8kgs and still on the 97th percentile – “she’s growing very well huh” said the Ped – #understatement
She’s oh so cuddly!! (Sage that is)

5) Halloween!!!
Gone are the days we would dress up and go clubbing with friends #parenthoodproblem

So since we couldn’t go out to party, we brought the party to us!! #parenthoodsolution

We dressed Sage up in 2 costumes – the first being the love bug / lady bug (see first pic) and the second as a butterfly princess (see last pic)

She scored some candy from nice aunties – mommy and daddy are very proud of her – and our tummies thank her kindly

6) Baby Marcus’ first birthday party @ Macdonald’s

We had lots of fun eating stuff which Sage and Marcus couldn’t eat – but they did try some hot cakes!!

Well done Mommy Mary! Marcus is growing up to be a such a lovely boy!

Sage did try to kiss him but he managed to wriggle away

Note to self: better watch this one

7) Baby Gwen turned 1 as well!
Well done cousin!! Gwen is looking so cute and bubbly =)

My cousin Snowy has been such a sweetheart – encouraging and feeding me with my favorite ovaltine biscuits during my confinement – not to mention plenty of mommy tips


8) Uncle Nelson’s big 50 dinner


That’s actually my Dad – but Sage was just so affectionate I can’t help but post this!!

Anyways – Happy Birthday Uncle Nelson! =)

Thanks for always being there for Sage and her pedi / mani needs!! =)

9) last but not least – Auntie Ernie came all the way from Houston to visit Sage! And she brought along her maternal instincts and Hugh The Houston Pig!

Hugh accompanies Sage in the car everyday now

Thanks Ernie!! See you soon! Miss you loads!

That’s my #roundup for the month!

Hashtag frenzy over and out


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