Hey!! Over here!!


Hello there! I’m still here!! Over here!! -waves- Down here!! Here in The Mommy-Hole!!


Great – now that I’ve gotten your attention, welcome to The Mommy-Hole: Which I fell into the day Sage was born and I’ve been swaddled up in a bubble for the last 3 months and wallowing in (some not so) awesome mommy duties like diaper changing, burping, cleaning up poop, scrubbing poop off onesies, feeding, expressing, fretting, sweating the small stuff – etc etc etc

I’ve pretty much done nothing else – like seriously.

As my sister in law says – “babies are big time wasters” — you can spend hours and hours just looking at them

I’ve spent the last 3 months doing absolutely nothing except staring at Sage and repeating “oh my gosh isn’t she the cutest?” one 2,522 too many times

Oh, and my iPhone has no more memory space – thanks to all the photos I’ve been taking of Sagey

So forgive me for my absence – I had several drafts which never got past the 4th sentence

Motherhood has been an adventure thus far to say the least – just when you think you an issue under control, another pops up

Ah – c’est la vie

In the last 3 months, we had to deal with a Sage who:

Didn’t want to sleep at night AT ALL — lasted 2 weeks

Didn’t want to be left alone and constantly needed to be carried — lasted 2 weeks

Had slow milk-flow issues (or rather patience issues)

Milk rash!!! Argh

Eczema!!!!!! ARGGHHHHH

Well well well – I can go on and on on the not so good parts but the good parts always outweigh the sleepless nights and crippling paranoia =)

Our friend now is extremely busy babbling away to anyone and everyone including her toys

She’s also been very busy trying to perfect her flip to her belly

Her favorite past time for the last 1.5 months is fitting as many fingers into her mouth

Ohhhh ssssooo cute!!

One more month before I head back to work (oh how I hope I can sneak her into the office in my handbag) – so I will probably continue wallowing around The Mommy Hole – immersing myself in all Sage and being socially almost unresponsive (trust me – I take a couple of days to reply to whatsaspp messages)

So here’s a real quick post to say we are fine and dandy!

Here’s a picture of Sage looking serious and seriously cute!!

Hope everyone’s doing fine and dandy as well!!

Big love
Bulbie and Bub


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