Thank God It’s Friday!!

Well actually being on maternity leave, everyday feels pretty much the same…

But TGIF nonetheless!

Sage has her giraffe tucked under her armpit, her tortoise friend on top of her head, her lion toy on her shoulder and her “sweet cakes” onesie on — she’s ready to boogie the weekend away!!

Peas will be away on a business trip this Saturday night so I’ll be flying solo for the whole of next week with Sage – so wish me luck!!

We have an exciting week ahead including a buffet lunch and afternoon tea with nice aunties – can’t wait!

On other news, Lerzy has found himself in the cone of shame – again!

Poor chap has aural hematoma but is feeling alot better now =)


Here’s wishing everyone a wonderful weekend!

Bulbs & Bub


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