Happy 11th ++ Sage!

photo (1)


So i’m absolutely rubbish at updating this – Sage is almost 12 mths and here i am, typing away about her 11th month



the festivities came with a BAM this time around, with christmas, new year, 30th birthday…

and before i know it, it’s like, end Jan

and this time last year, i was counting down to Sage’s Birth Day =)

anyways, more of that in my 12th month round up (at the rate im going, it might get published sometime after easter)

love this pic of Sage – i really feel she might like waterpolo (fingers crossed)

especially with her mean-girl / game-on face / “you’re going DOWN” face (with some leftover food from lunch by the side of her mouth for extra fierceness)


"you're going DOWN"

“you’re going DOWN”

love you Manj!




mommy B

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