Happy 7th Month Bub!!!


So I came home after work two days ago and scuttled over to Sage and said “HI BABY!! HI!!!!”

And to my amazement, she looked up and smiled and said “HI!” and went back to her toys

I called Peas over – “hey! Sage said hi to me! Seriously!!”

He replied “no lah – it can’t be”

Being competitive, he went over to greet our lil’ chubby wubby – “HI SAGE!! HIIII!!”

And she replied “HI!!”


Good times!! We feel like super proud parents – but never got her to do that again since then – which brings me to think that it really was coincidental

But “hey hey hey” who cares?!?
My baby said HI!

Happy 7th Month Bubba!!!

Here’s hoping you sprout out a head full of hair soon!

(Despite wearing hairbands out, we are still getting questions like “boy or girl?” Oh so very often)

B for booyah my baby said hi to me!


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