Happy 8th Month Sage!


Well, happy 8th month and a bit!!

I’m about a week late in posting this

We’ve been feeling under the weather pretty much the whole month!

Sage has a perpetual runny nose, Sage’s mom has a perpetual cold, Sage’s mom’s colleagues have been sick – TWICE

They don’t think it’s funny anymore – I’ve been warned

Welcome to the phlegmy world of baby germs!!

We are all getting better now – hopefully we can start going back into the pool soon! We miss seeing Sage splash around like a Lil’ Sea Manatee

On other news…

1) our family doctor told me straight up last week – Sage is going to be a Daddy’s Girl (apparently it’s just the way it is for first daughters) – he said his wife has been trying very hard to change it to Mommy’s Girl for the last 11 years – but he says – it’s almost like an unwritten rule

Daddy – 1 Mommy – who?!

2) October is going to be super exciting – with Baby Marcus and Baby Gwen celebrating their first birthdays!! Well down Mommies!!!!

3) wedding anniversary – happy 4th Peas! You still owe me peonies – I’m just sayin’

4) our friend has 2 Lil baby teeth now! Chomp chomp! Breastfeeding is not the same anymore.

Alrighty – Baby’s asleep – got to capitalize on the sleep

Over and out,


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