Friday Roundup – 11 Jan 2013

Lerzy's been dreaming of the weekend all week

Lerzy’s been dreaming of the weekend all week



It’s time for a Friday Roundup of what’s happened over the week

5th Jan – Happy Birthday to Me

10th Jan – my parents’ 31st wedding anniversary! congrats Mom and Dad! I’ve been taking copious notes and here are a few key takeaways for a successful marriage: Mom’s always right and Dad will always be in a good mood if he has the TV remote control and a glass of wine 😉

Butter Update

The lady is doing fine and dandy this week – looks like the meds really work – she’s all up and about this week – I was surprised she even bothered to get up to greet me at the door – much appreciated gesture Butter – thank you kindly

Weekend Plans

We’ll be seeing the Gynae tomorrow morning for another check up and hopefully Sage co-operates and we can have a nice almost natural (going with the epidural) birth =)

also, FELL IN LOVE with this bakery-cafe / vintage home shop called Carpenter and Cook along Upper Bukit Timah — shall try to sneak in a decaffinated cuppa tomorrow after the check up and will post photos! hopefully they give preggers a shorter waiting time… fingers crossed


That’s all for now

Happy weekend!


Bulbie over and out!



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