Beware of The Guava Face

Guava Face

Guava Face

Everyone, the above is a specimen pic of Butter’s “Guava Face”


Beware of this irresistibly cute look – she’s got only 1 thing on her mind…

Yes – the sad truth is that she wasn’t giving me the endearing look – I was eating guava, Butter’s new found love

(since we literally stopped feeding her any yeasty food, and also stopped all chicken / beef / mutton treats, leaving her diet to just fish-based dog food – and of course, some slices of guava)

To take her mind off the extremely boring and bland diet we have put her on, she is now less picky about what to watch on TV (usually she only watches “Dog Whisperer”) – but I noticed today that she’s watching even drama shows like “Bunheads” and replays of “Glee Project 2” on Starworld

i n t e r e s t i n g




3 thoughts on “Beware of The Guava Face

    • @ayocum1091
      Thanks!! I guess her Guava Look is really effective eh?

      She’s got super sensitive skin – so she can’t eat chicken and beef based dog food — makes her itchy and scratchy
      Vet says fruits (except grapes) will be good for her as a substitute for sugar (since she can’t eat yeasty food)

      PLUS she’s like 6 kgs overweight – do not be deceived by her small sharp face – there’s a whole lot of booty =P

      • Haha, it’s probably just as cute! I did not know that beef and chicken could irritate skin. Well so long as she’s happy and healthy that’s all that matters! 🙂

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