Where Art Thou Ovaltine Biscuits?


So the extended family has been on a hunt for these biscuits over the last few days…

My Sis in Law even called up supermarkets to try to track these lovelies down

But alas – it was just not meant to be – we have been told these have been discontinued (the horrrrorrrrrr!!)

Has anyone seen these?

Only silver lining for me is that I managed to buy a huge packet of Ovaltine Mix last week, and will attempt to bake my own Ovaltine Biscuits!

Found this from a quick search for Ovaltine Biscuit Recipe

Stay tuned for more pics and reviews!


B (for Broken-hearted Biscuit Lover)


3 thoughts on “Where Art Thou Ovaltine Biscuits?

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  2. Hi not sure if you are still looking for these. I love them also, grew up eating them :-). Its a european product and You can find them in most caribbean and some spanish international food stores.

    I also remember seeing it once in a shopping chain in MD – international aisle. They are far from being discontinued, so you’ll find them eventually. good luck in your search!

    • Thanks! We found out its been discontinued in Singapore – but they came up with another product with cream filling in the middle (kinda like Oreo) so I guess that will have to do =)

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