Bump’s Still Here

Yup – last we checked, The Bump’s still here!

Today was hilarious – I got calls from several friends and family to check on the status of The Bump –

Conversations went something like this —

Auntie M called during her lunch break: “Hey! It’s Auntie M! How How? Just called to check on you … So I’ll see you either this Sunday or at the hospital ya?”

Bestie (after I missed her call twice, she proceeded to call Peas instead): “Hey! Is she in labour? she’s not answering my calls”

Colleague: “Hey! You’re still here”

Another Friend: “Baby bonus just in time”

Waterpolo-mate Minatrix: “When is Sage’s ETA? … I was just thinking of us getting our nails done…”

Miss Oats (tagging me on a photo of a packet of Sage herbs): “How’s Sagey?”

Well, the wait is still on =) Sage seems fine and dandy in the tummy – Although Peas and I can’t wait for her to take the plunge down the rabbit-hole, I think she’s pretty happy chilling out – for now…

All this waiting seems to have rubbed off on Lerzy as well

"waiting is so tiring"

Lerzy: “waiting is so tiring — and boring…”


Well, better luck tomorrow!




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