DON’T PANIC!!! – Bulbie’s Guide to Packing Your Hospital Bags

*scoff* I’m sure Bulbie’s Guide will get you there — I hereby declare that my unwritten post “DON’T PANIC — Bulbie’s Guide of What NOT To Pack Into Your Hospital Bags” would be filled with slightly more useful information =) But hey, i’m a first time mom in my 3rd trimester – and i’m singaporean […]

Visit to Carpenter And Cook

I’m so glad that Saturday Brunch at Carpenter And Cook happened! Peas, myself and Miss Wanderlust made our way to the vintage home store / cafe located along Lorong Kilat (near Upper Bukit Timah) and couldn’t believe our luck – a parking lot right in front of the cafe, and a table without having to wait too long! We […]

Beware of The Guava Face

Everyone, the above is a specimen pic of Butter’s “Guava Face”   Beware of this irresistibly cute look – she’s got only 1 thing on her mind… Yes – the sad truth is that she wasn’t giving me the endearing look – I was eating guava, Butter’s new found love (since we literally stopped feeding her any […]

Butter Visits The Vet

So Butter’s itchy scratchy skin problems are back again – no thanks to the oddball weather we have been getting these days (and of course her insatiable appetite for rubbish) After 2 postponements, we FINALLY braved the rain and brought her to visit the Vet Dr Chin on Wednesday night First laugh out loud moment […]