DON’T PANIC!!! – Bulbie’s Guide to Packing Your Hospital Bags


I’m sure Bulbie’s Guide will get you there — I hereby declare that my unwritten post “DON’T PANIC — Bulbie’s Guide of What NOT To Pack Into Your Hospital Bags” would be filled with slightly more useful information =)

But hey, i’m a first time mom in my 3rd trimester – and i’m singaporean – so I guess I AM entitled to be just that tad bit more “auntie” about the whole thing

“DON’T PANIC” – is what I’ve been telling myself

So right now, at the corner of the room, I spy SIX bags (yes SIX) of stuff which apparently I need (or so I believe) to bring to the hospital

I’m pretty sure there are things which are redundant or packed in too large a multiple — BUT, like I said — first time mom over here <– *point point*


Here are some of Peas’ reaction as he observes my ever-growing “nesting” corner – where I lovingly deposit my hospital bagS:

“why is there another bag there?”

“is that the bottle STEAMER?!?! – do we seriously have to bring it along?? I thought you plan to breastfeed?!?!”

“do you seriously expect us to bring all those to the hospital?”

“oh my gosh – can’t we leave the Cordlife kit at the hospital and get it from them when we actually reach the hospital?”

“wait – how many sets of clothes did you pack for ME?”

“my BREST FRIEND is coming too?” – for those who know not what a “Brest Friend” is — no it’s not my BEST Friend, neither is it Peas’ best friend (eww that would be totally odd) — it’s a breastfeeding support pillow – check out their website

“oh wait – did you pack in the notebook with all the notes from the antenatal classes? we can revise while waiting at the labour ward”

Yes… Yes indeed — nesting is hard work — too many questions too little time


HOWEVER, I would still like to share what i’ve packed with all of you

For The Bub

– Mittens and Socks

– Onesies

– Going Home Outfit

– Swaddle

– Diaper Bag (many thanks Peppermint Patty for the tres chic french-themed diaper bag)

– Journal Book (I downloaded the Medela App which helps to track feeding times and other activities)

Sage's Homecoming Kit

Sage’s Homecoming Kit

For The Mom

– Books and Magazines (or any last minute revision you think you might need – not that I think it would really help – hey, you’ll have the next 21 years to get all the swaddling and parenting sorted out – so why mug now? In fact, I intend to spend time doodling on my “Grumpy Doodle Book” — thanks Miss Honelope for the Christmas present)

– PJs (most hospitals do not provide)

– Breastpump (you might be able to bank in some milk the first few days when baby is busy sleeping off his/her reserves)

– Breastfeeding items – nipple cream / “my brest friend” / storage bags

– Bottle Sterilizer (Steamer) – for the breastpump parts and bottles – usually hospitals can help you sterilize – but some hospitals use Sterilizing Tablets and cold water

– 1 set of clothes to go home in

– Nursing bras and pads

– Hair Band and Hair Ties

– Sanitary Pads

– Slippers, Socks and Shoes

– Toiletries: shampoo / soap / toothbrush / toothpaste / facial cleansers / moisturisers / contact lens solution etc

– Towels

– Underwear – they recommend disposable ones

– Jacket (I also packed in my sheep hot water-bottle)

– Cord Blood Kit (if you intend to bank it in with a private bank)

– Abdominal Binder

– Feme Pad: omg ladies – I will need to introduce this to all of you – guys, don’t bother clicking the link – it’s really just a special pad

Stuff To Keep Mom & Dad Comfy

Stuff To Keep Mom & Dad Comfy

Milking Support and Devices

Milking Support and Devices


For The Dad

– Camera / Video Camera

– Chargers: phone / computer / camera / ipad etc

– Money Money Moneyyyy

– Necessary Paperwork: Marriage Cert / IDs / Admission Letter / Insurance Card

– Patience, Good Intentions and perhaps some ointment in case Mommy bruises Daddy’s arms while cringing in pain



so there you go — Bulbie’s Guide to Packing Your Hospital BagS

13 days countdown to EDD




4 thoughts on “DON’T PANIC!!! – Bulbie’s Guide to Packing Your Hospital Bags

  1. I wouldn’t take the steriliser. If you plan to breast feed they won’t want you to express so its a pointless item. If they need to get you to express for any reason they have their own equipment which is just as sterile and safe to use. X

    • good point Jodie — actually it was my gynae who suggested bringing the steamer coz the hospital im birthing at uses sterilizing tablets instead of steam to clean the bottles (i guess there isn’t really any big difference – but at least i can sterilize my bottles and stuff myself instead of having to get the nurses to run the errand for me… hhhhmmmmmm)

      hope you are holding up well!!

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