Visit to Carpenter And Cook

I’m so glad that Saturday Brunch at Carpenter And Cook happened!

Peas, myself and Miss Wanderlust made our way to the vintage home store / cafe located along Lorong Kilat (near Upper Bukit Timah) and couldn’t believe our luck – a parking lot right in front of the cafe, and a table without having to wait too long!

We were pleasantly surprised to be greeted by Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum at the front door

Tweedle Dee / Tweedle Dum greets you at the door

Tweedle Dee / Tweedle Dum Greets You At The Door

When we entered into the cafe, it was a visual feast! Think walking into a shop and greeted by vintage teacups and whimsical-looking typewriters, and then a beautiful industrial cabinet with a princess phone and an old-school mixer atop it… very nice

Vintage Furniture for Sale

Vintage Furniture for Sale

And then…

Hello There! Muffins and Scones and Cakes and Tarts!!! Helloooooo There!!

Through the looking glass

Through The Looking Glass

bakery / cakery

Bakery / Cakery

In the end, after a good long 10-odd minutes of “ooOOhhhsss and aaahhHHhhsss”, and “oh oh oh”s…

We finally figured it wasn’t physically possible to finish eating everything on the menu, even though I arguably am “eating for two” — we DID, in a fleeting moment of confidence thought that maybe, just maybe, if the stars were aligned, we might have been able to finish sampling ALL the food…

But alas, it was not meant to be… So we narrowed down to a couple of sweets, a couple of savouries, and then a couple more sweets (for good measure of course!)

All Ready For Tea!

All Ready For Tea!

The Savouries were delish! We ordered the “Lazy Meal Muffin” and what I believe to be the “Smashing Savoury Brioche Bun”, served with a side salad – the muffin was soft and fluffy, while the brioche bun was delightfully light



Next up, Sweets —

We tasted the “Very Buttery Scone – slathered with clotted cream & homemade jam

Seriously?!?! Seriously?!?!

The clotted cream really made a BIG difference in the whole scone eating experience! It was so good that I took an extra slurp (or two) of the clotted cream itself — of course Peas caught me in the act and gave me the “Don’t-Think-You-Can-Get-Away-With-That-Just-Because-You-Are-Pregnant” look — Thank God Miss Wanderlust was there to reassure the Hubs that it’s ALWAYS perfectly fine to have an extra taste (or two) of clotted cream =)

We also tried the Apple Cobbler – part of the “‘Eat Me’ Cakes” series

As Peas pointed out – “the crispy caramelized top bit is super nice” and when I was like “Really?!? Can I try?” – He broke the news to me that he was already done with it…

So to comfort myself, and “because Sage, The Bump lovesss tarts” (i’m sure),

We ordered not one, but TWO “Queen of Hearts’ Tarts” — Lemon Cream and Passion Fruit Meringue

*heavenly music*

I mean, just look at the pictures — enough said!

The buttery tart pastry and the sweet and sour passion fruit cream, topped with meringue… genius!!

I really should have ordered some to take home…



All in all — Carpenter And Cook is definitely worth many many more visits! I hear they also do events like Dessert Table Catering and Event Styling!

This place officially has Bulbie’s stamp of approval!!


Peace Out (It’s Monday)




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