Flashback Friday – The Birth Story

No one told me that being a new parent = no sleep + no personal time = dairy cow

Apologies for the lack of will power and energy posts

If it counts for anything, I actually drafted this post in FEBRUARY – I somehow forgot to post it =(


So Life With Pink Princesses asked me about my birth story

and I thought to myself – yes! I should definitely blog about it before Momnesia sets in and I totally forget what hit me

So here goes – as much as my memory can retain the information (I think I might have suffered memory black outs from the excitement and pain)

28 Jan 2013

8 am – woke up bright and early, looked at my huge bump and said “ADIOS BUMP – Bub will be here today!!” (little did I know that it would take more than a day)

9 am – reached the Gynae’s and started induction (because Sage was estimated to be about 3.5 kg which is considered quite huge if I still wanted a natural delivery)

10.30 am – got the news that I should walk around while waiting and come back to the clinic at 12.30 pm

so we went to a shopping mall nearby and I thought that we were going to do some shopping in air-conditioned comfort and have a nice lunch,  but Peas wanted to run some errands – so we crossed the roads in the blazing sun to the post office and I requested to sit down for awhile as I started to get some backaches

Peas: “you’re suppose to walk! come on!”

Me: “… …”

we then walked past a REALLY NERDY exhibition on Singapore’s Tax History – of course Peas was intrigued by it and said “This is way more educational than shopping right? Let’s go for it!”

I thought to myself – “oOoOo i’m bursting with fruit flavoured excitement with the prospects of understanding TAX” <– sarcasm spread thickly over a slice of bread

But nonetheless, we went for the exhibition – different people cope with stress and excitement differently — enough said

After the exhibition, we had to cross back to the mall – thinking that the underpass might be air-conditioned, I told Peas that I wanted to use the underpass

BAD MISTAKE – not only was it NOT air-conditioned, we had to climb the stairs BOTH WAYS – good grief

So there was another really pregnant lady trying to walk across the underpass in front of us, and this was what Peas said

“come quick! let’s race her!”

I gave him a look as my back was KILLING me — and started walking a little faster (hahahaha you can’t take the competitive streak out of me)

We managed to close the gap while climbing up the stairs – but alas the advantage she had did her well

but I digress

1 pm – we waddled back to the clinic and they hooked me up on the CTG to monitor my contractions – here’s a picture of what was going on

photo (29)

weird thing was – I didn’t feel any pain at all!

so they told me to take another walk and come back at 4.30 pm – I promptly went home to take ANOTHER shower =)

4 pm

“are you SERIOUSLY not feeling any pain at all? look at your contractions!!!” – the nurse told me

“i keep thinking it’s the baby moving” – i told her

photo (30)

however, whilst my contractions were consistent once every 2-3 mins (In fact it got to 6 times in 10 mins)

my dilation was only 1.5 – 2 cm

so the Gynae sent me home and told me to only admit into the hospital after 11pm so we won’t have to pay for an extra night when I didn’t need the pain relief yet

went home, took yet another shower (woohooo) and we drove back to the hospital to get admitted

11 pm – 

Peas and I lugged our stuff and checked into the hospital and were told to wait for my Gynae at the observation ward (you know the ones which you share with 3-4 other moms waiting to be transferred to a proper delivery suite)

tick tock tick tock we waited and were told that the Gynae would be running late as the other mom she was seeing had to do an emergency c-section

so we fell asleep and realised that my contractions were becoming less intense (i.e. the pill we inserted in the morning was losing its effects)

29th Jan 2013

2.30 am – 

Hurray Gynae appears and checks me for dilation – to my dismay, 2.5 cm

pffftttt after all that waiting

Peas was told to go outside while my Gynae checked

BUT what I thought was a routine dilation check turned out to be MORE

my Gynae then proceeded to burst my water bag

now as mentioned, I didn’t need any pain relief all day, and at this juncture I was on zero pain relief

coupled with the fact that I was 100% not prepared and not aware of what was happening, I did what any reasonable person would do


the Gynae continued at it without much sympathy or humour at the wee hours of the morning

“Ok I’ve burst your waterbag and will put you on drip to induce – I’ll see you in the morning later” said my Gynae, as she scuttled off

winning line came from Peas as he returned to the bed to check on me: “Hey did you hear someone screaming just now? I could hear it from outside”

I looked at him “… … that was me”

we were then transferred to the delivery suite to wait for further contractions and dilations or until I decided I needed my epidural

3 am

so the nurses tried to “fix me up” with the drip and CTG in the delivery suite

I looked at that needle and then asked the nurse: “you reckon it will hurt?”

I mean seriously, my question was really more rhetorical, and thinking that most times, they would say “no dear, it won’t hurt that much” etc etc

THIS particular nurse told me: “of course pain lah! The needle so thick, how can I say not pain? And if you keep moving, I will have to jab a few more times because the vein will ‘run away'”

sheesh louise! thanks nurse, thanks.

but of course I had to suck it up and looked the other way as she jabbed my hand and asked “so pain or not?”

I told her “well now that I’m not looking it doesn’t hurt as much”

and her response (and I swear I heard a tinge of disappointment in her tone) “oh not pain?”

anyways, chugging along

4 am

a sudden unfamiliar pain struck me and I woke Peas up – “Hey Peas – I think I’m starting to feel contraction pains – how? should I wait til like 6 am in the morning?”

silliest question I have ever asked – I  mean WHY did I even say that? If it’s pain, do it now, why would anyone in pain wait til 6 am?! so the anaesthetist can have breakfast first before coming over?!?

(don’t know what got over me – might be the pain – don’t ask)

but knowing that I had to give the anaesthetist 1 hr to make her way to give me my epidural, I pressed the buzzer at 4.30 am for the epidural

4.45 am

Anaesthetist burst into the room with a smile on her face and a song in her heart – think of Glinda The Good Witch of Oz + sorority + cheerleader type of a doctor (i swear if this were a movie or a cartoon, streamers and balloons and confetti would be falling from the sky)

AGAIN Peas was told to wait outside (thus missing out on all the action)


(and she went on and on and I was in pain so it sounded more like “XJOEJFPOAEFPOAMFPOAMFPOAWFJOWAJFOPAWJFPOA” to me)

then the next thing I knew I said “OUCH”


of course! how did I forget that?! oh wait – because it really did hurt?!?!

then I did the 2nd silliest thing I did that day

“OUCH” (again)

and all I heard was “GAS HER GAS HER”

and I saw a scuba diving contraption come towards my face

next thing I heard was


then the door closed

wow – she came, she saw, she conquered, she left – in 10 mins flat

“that was fast – does she live nearby?” I asked the nurse on how the Doctor appeared within 15 mins

“nope, she just drives a ferrari” – the nurse told me (at that moment, I made a mental note that being an anaesthetist would be a great career choice for Sage)

5.30 am

with the epidural in place, I slept like a baby and the next thing I knew, dilation was at 5 cm

9.30 am

the nurses woke me up to check my dilations again – 9 cm

whoopie! we’re in business

10.50 am

10 cm and ready to boogie

the nurses came and gave taught us what needed to be done as we clearly forgot what we were taught in those ante-natal classes – and we had 3 mini rehearsals before they told me to wait for my Gynae to come

“ok very good – you just have to push like that later when the doctor comes and you will be fine” said the nurse

I felt good – pushing felt more like doing a stomach crunch then pooping

11 + am

Gynae appears and she performed the episotomy and after the first push I heard everyone exclaim

“excuse me, excuse me – my tummy is in the way, but what just happened?” I asked

Peas: “oh the baby’s head is out”

“the head is out – like the head? or the hair is showing? it’s different” I replied (with an epidural you really haven’t a clue, and my bump was not doing me any visual favours as well)

Peas: “the whole head!!”

Me: “oh oh oh what now? what now?”

and with another 2 half pushes, Sage was out!!!

and suddenly my tummy went down and I could see some of the action

11.23 am


Sage came out just in time for lunch

Sage came out just in time for lunch


so that’s the gist of it

glad I actually found some time to pen this down

now with a bub in the house, personal time is hard to come by – but I heard it gets better

as always,

Bulbie and Bub



Flashback Friday – Who Does Sage Look Like?

Happy Friday Everyone!

Motherhood came and conquered – my days have been ALL about M I L K — yup, I’ve become a milk dispenser for Baby Sage

So all I’ve been doing is wait for the next feed =P

Not to forget the crying and burping and picture-taking and diaper-changing all day (and night) long

However, it is FRIDAY! SO TGIF!

In the tradition of Flashback Friday, we are taking a couple of minutes off fussing over the Bub, and here’s a peek at Peas and My baby pics — so, Who Does Sage Look Like?

Baby Peas

Baby Peas

Baby Sage

Baby Sage

Baby Bulbie

Baby Bulbie

Baby Sage

Baby Sage


Have a good weekend everyone!



Bulbie and Bub


The Adventures of Bulbie AND BUB!


It’s official! Welcome to The Adventures of Bulbie and Bump BUB!

The last 6 days has been hectic to say the least – filled with joy, happiness, tears and sleepless / helpless nights

And as I am writing this – it dawned on me that blogging = less sleep = i need to wake up soon again = oh no = i need sleep now

so this post will be short

ahhh Motherhood – what can I say – I really haven’t got a clue

so i’m not going to blog about HOW things should be done – probably more like DON’T DO THIS! I LEARNT IT THE HARD WAY!

such is life =)

Peas and I are super excited to have Sage in our lives and we hope to share interesting bits and pieces with all of you soon

Many thanks for all the love we have been receiving from friends and family this week ❤ ❤ ❤

Peace Out

B and B (Bulbie and Bub)

Ready – Steady – PLUNGE!!!

So we went for our Gynae visit on Friday, and Sage weighed in at *drumroll* 3.5 kgs!!

Oh my gawd!!

She was just 3.131 kgs 6 days ago, and on Friday, she was ranging between 3.38 and 3.6 kgs?!?

I mean seriously  Sage?!?!? SERIOUSLY???

There’s no need to bulk up before coming out you know – there’s plenty of good food out here – just that you’d probably have to cry to get attention before you’re served

The Gynae took extra measurements before she delivered the news – that yes, my 39.5 weeks old bump put on almost 400 grams, in 6 days

You should have seen Peas’ face – I think he turned a little pale

SO – what’s the plan if we still wanted a natural delivery? (it gets harder for a natural delivery if the baby is heavier than 3.5 kg it seems)

The Gynae told us we could induce the baby out

“How about today?” she asked — meaning on 25 Jan 2013 afternoon, she was asking if I wanted to induce birth on that very same day

We thought about it and freaked out  figured “it’s all too sudden” (i guess no one is ever really ready for parenthood eh?)

So Game Plan is if Chubby Sage doesn’t want to come out over the weekend, we’ll induce her out on Monday 28 Jan

and since it’s Sunday night and I’m still typing this, we’re going to induce Chubs out in a couple of hours

I asked Peas if he’s super excited and he said yes!

Then he asked me if I’m excited — I told him, yea excited for sure but —  I’m also scared TO THE MAX!!!

But oh well, it is what it is – tomorrow, I’m gonna have to suck it up and P U S H !

So wish me luck guys! Tomorrow’s the Big Day!

Hopefully the induction will be successful and Sage will plunge down the rabbit-hole and come out 28th or 29th Jan!!

Mommy and Daddy can’t wait to see you Sagey!

We even got your swimming costume ready for water polo practice =)

Just Keep Swimming!! Just Keep Swimming!!

Just Keep Swimming!! Just Keep Swimming!!



The Calm AFTER The Storm

"It's all so quiet... shhh... shhhh... shhhh..."

“It’s all so quiet… shhh… shhhh… shhhh…”

All was quiet and calm in the house this evening

The dogs were napping their lazy Saturday away…

But that was the calm after the storm…


Saturday MORNING, 10 AM

I was awoken by the incessant barking of Lerzy (a typical weekend routine – he’s usually grumpy that we, working adults get the weekends off – for some reason – and thinks that we do not deserve to sleep in – pfft)

and suddenly… all went quiet

I seized the opportunity and tried to sleep some more (afterall, once Sage comes out, sleeping in will probably no longer be a remote possibility)

But then I heard Peas talking to my Mother-in-Law and something… was just… not… quite… r i g h t…

So I rolled out of bed (yes rolled — like a ball – just a very heavy, wobbly ball), and went downstairs to check out what was going on

Standing in front of me by the patio, was Butter and Lerzy intertwined – and Peas and the helper was kinda holding each of them together

My Mother-in-law was muttering something and had a super worried look on her face…

So I asked what happened — and Peas told me that Butter’s TEETH got stuck in Lerzy’s collar chain while they were play-fighting — and the more she tried to yank her way out, the tighter Lerzy’s collar was tugging at his neck

And there Peas was, sitting on my niece’s baby IKEA stool, feverishly trying to saw thru’ Lerzy’s metal dog collar — with a small swiss army knife

(I know it sounds really funny right now — but the toolbox was on the table – and it looked like Peas had already rummaged thru’ the entire toolbox — So given the desperate and urgent situation, he took what he felt was the best available tool — the handy swiss army knife)

So I said — “that’s going to take a few lifetimes – why don’t we get one of those chain cutters? you know they ones thieves on TV use to trespass with?)

My Mother-in-law immediately zipped off to the nearest handy shop to look for that

In a matter of minutes, she’s back with a huge chain cutter thingamajig (I think now that our family actually owns one of THOSE funky monkey tools which you’d probably only use once every decade, I’d like to give it a cooler name – “Grand Theft Auto Chain Cutter” – or GTA CC)

So anyways, using GTA CC, we cut Lerzy’s chain and they were untangled –

Lerzy looked happy to have his neck back, but Butter suffered lacerations on her face – we deduced that Lerzy went at her when she tried to yank her teeth out of his chain, not knowing she was asphyxiating him

Being the paranoid / border-line hypercondriac, I started fussing about Butter’s wounds (you can probably see the open-wound above her eye in the photo), and decided she needed to see the Vet (again) for good order

So we rushed her to the nearest Vet, begged the nurses to let us have a quick consult before the doctor went for surgery on the very legitimate reason that I’m about to pop and can’t afford to rush to find another Vet on a Saturday afternoon…

We recounted the whole dramatic story to the Vet, and he was pretty shocked that Butter’s teeth could actually get stuck in a harmless looking chain… and that it actually didn’t fall off!

But all went well, she was due for some stitches but escaped it as it was still considered superficial upon closer examination

This is what was written on the Examination Summary —

“Superficial lacerations on the face – Freak Accident”

Well well well – 2nd visit to the Vet’s this month Butter…


Saturday Evening, 4 PM

So all went well, and we got Butter back home (she narrowly escaped the Cone of Shame) and the two dogs were ignoring each other after the little tiff this morning

Eventually, Lerzy took the initiative and started trying to play with Butter – but it took a long while as she continued to ignore him for another hour or so (see photo below)

"let's kiss and make up?"

“let’s kiss and make up?”


SO — what a dramatic Saturday!

And after all that drama and squatting and running around and sweating, here I am, Saturday night, still typing away – no contractions, no show, nada =(

tick tock tick tock

Sage is really standing her ground eh?




Does Your Bump Hang Low? Does It Wobble To & Fro?

Thankfully mine just hangs low – not so much the wobbling – that would be freaky

Here’s someone with some wobbly-flabby problems of her own —> *point point* Butter (but you didn’t hear it from me)


Posting her expression when I was whining to her about why isn’t Sage coming out yet — her expression and reaction was really priceless

"Seriously Bulbs - Chill. - Now back to my nap"

“Seriously Bulbs – Chill. – Now back to my nap”

Gynae check up again tomorrow! Peas is convinced that we should just put all the hospital bags in the car just in case

Wish us luck!!




Bump’s Still Here

Yup – last we checked, The Bump’s still here!

Today was hilarious – I got calls from several friends and family to check on the status of The Bump –

Conversations went something like this —

Auntie M called during her lunch break: “Hey! It’s Auntie M! How How? Just called to check on you … So I’ll see you either this Sunday or at the hospital ya?”

Bestie (after I missed her call twice, she proceeded to call Peas instead): “Hey! Is she in labour? she’s not answering my calls”

Colleague: “Hey! You’re still here”

Another Friend: “Baby bonus just in time”

Waterpolo-mate Minatrix: “When is Sage’s ETA? … I was just thinking of us getting our nails done…”

Miss Oats (tagging me on a photo of a packet of Sage herbs): “How’s Sagey?”

Well, the wait is still on =) Sage seems fine and dandy in the tummy – Although Peas and I can’t wait for her to take the plunge down the rabbit-hole, I think she’s pretty happy chilling out – for now…

All this waiting seems to have rubbed off on Lerzy as well

"waiting is so tiring"

Lerzy: “waiting is so tiring — and boring…”


Well, better luck tomorrow!



Count Your Blessings

So the weekend came and went, and although it was short, it was definitely filled with many small surprises, kind intentions, good laughs and love from family and friends

And thus, I would like to dedicate this post to all my loved ones ❤

Let’s count our blessings! (Monday’s almost over!)


Blessing #1: Gynae Visit

“Looks like she’s still good to wait” was the key takeaway from Saturday’s visit to the Gynae

You should have seen my jaw drop, and you should have heard the way Peas said “hhhhhuUUuuhHHH” – priceless

Wait some more?

Yes wait some more!

OOoOO the anticipation is gnawing at me – it’s like KNOWING you have this big exam to take, but the exam date is kinda lalala-up-in-the-air, and you don’t really know when it will come at you… y u p… wait some more….

But, at the same time, it’s also quite comforting to know that there’s still that few more days to enjoy couple time and uninterrupted sleep before you embark on a 21-year journey of paralysing fear and crippling paranoia being a Mom (think: “why is she not home yet?” or “why is wearing so little??!!” or worse, “WHAT is she wearing?!?”)

So I’d take “Looks like she’s still good to wait” as a blessing – and in the meantime, “good to wait” = no diapers to change = YAY!


Blessing #2: Viva Mexico 

Remember I mentioned we were going to celebrate Miss Honelope and Miss P.Baker’s birthdays at Casa Latina and I would get back with a review?

Well, I’m sorry I let the team down — I was too busy shoving my face with food I kinda did not take any photos at all =)

Decided that that would probably be the last good meal before parenthood sets in – Peas and I tried to make up for soon-to-be lost time by sampling quesadillas and fajitas and (virgin) margaritas… so I totally neglected the photo-taking =P

The Mexican food at Casa Latina is definitely worth a try – I do prefer the food here as compared to Margarita’s and Cafe Iguana

Would highly recommend the Casa Latina Melted Cheese for appetizers and the Beef Chimichanga for mains

But back to my blessing #2 – it’s always nice to know that my galfriends always make time to celebrate all our birthdays – we do have a huge group of about 11 (mostly here in Singapore, some working in the States) – It’s always so nice to meet up with the sisterhood


Blessing #3: Cookies from Kady

Homemade Cookies By Kady

Kady’s Homemade Cookies

On Sunday, my husband’s 6 year-old niece Kady came over for lunch with us – and she brought us star cookies which she baked =)

Ghin Ghin (means Auntie) – I made these for you” – aaaawwwwww they were perfect! Kady’s always drawing and making little pieces of  art for me – feeling all the love ❤


Blessing #4: Our Dogs

It rained pretty much the whole weekend – and so the dogs were stuck indoors – much to Lerzy’s dismay – Butter didn’t really care as long as she found some place comfy to sleep

Here’s a picture of Lerzy’s grumpy / not-impressed face as he roosted and sulked – how cute =)

"but it's cold and wet outside"

“but it’s cold and wet outside”


Blessing #5: Did Someone Say Ovaltine Biscuit?

After my post “Where Art Thou Ovaltine Biscuits?”, I’ve received manyyyy packets of Ovaltine biscuits from many people – my Sis-in-law, Mother-in-law, and yesterday, my Godma =) Bliss

So touched! So now I actually have a stockpile of Ovaltine biscuits in my room to tide me for the next few weeks


Blessing #6: Bedtime Story for Sage

So Peas has been reading to Sage before bedtime – and yesterday he read a Dr. Seuss book called “Did I Ever Tell You How Lucky You Are?”

The book actually inspired me to write today’s post

My favourite quote being:

“Thank goodness for all of the things you are not!

Thanks goodness you’re not something someone forgot,

and left all alone in some punkerish place

like a rusty tin coat hanger in space.

That’s why I say, ‘Duckie!

Don’t grumble! Don’t stew!

Some critters are much-much,

oh, ever so much-much,

so muchly much-much more unlucky than you!'”

photo (16)




Flashback Friday – Italy April 2012

Friday Roundup this week – 18 Jan 2013

Birthdays Galore!

15th Jan – Happy Birthday to my team-mates Pony and Grubs

16th Jan – Happy Birthday to my Godpa

17th Jan – Happy Birthday to my Cousin Natata, my team-mate Bandung and galfriend Miss Honelope

=) ahhh the joys of January Birthdays!! You know what they say about January Babies =)

Also watched a French movie “Amour” with Miss Wanderlust this week – won’t go on into the details of the film on this post – but the acting was superb! Movie was thought-provoking and is definitely worth the numerous Academy Awards Nominations

Weekend Plans

We’ll be seeing the Gynae tomorrow morning again to check on Sage – I don’t know if she’s finally engaged or not, but she’s definitely partying it up in the tummy these days *wootz wootz*

Also, we are having a little Birthday Celebration for Miss Honelope and Miss P.Baker at Casa Latina tomorrow evening – Hellooooo Chimichangas – it’s been a long while =P more reviews on the restaurant to come after!


Anyways – I digressed – main reason for today’s post (well it was meant for a Friday)…

Is to introduce FLASHBACK FRIDAYS!!! – because somethings are so good they need to be revisited again and again!!!

In today’s installment – I’d like to reminisce on our Honeymoon to Italy in April 2012 – Peas and I actually got married in Oct 2009 – but work and waterpolo commitments made it hard to take 14-15 days off at a go – so we only managed to take our long-awaited honeymoon some 2.5 years later =) but better late than never right?

So I selected my 12 favorite pictures taken during our Italy trip

Beautiful Italy

Beautiful Italy

(From Left to Right)

First Row:

– First and Second pictures are of Cinque Terre – which translates to “Five Lands” (first pic is of Riomaggiore and the second of Manarola). Located in the region of Liguria, famous for its pesto and seafood, we stayed in the scenic Manarola and went for a hike from Monterosso to Vernazza

Listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List, Cinque Terre is definitely worth a visit

– Third picture is of the Leaning Tower of Pisa – we made a day trip to Pisa while en-route to Florence – however, do come with a touristy mindset – the place is extremely crowded and has wayyyy too many souvenir shops. PLUS you can barely take a nice picture of the tower without getting someone’s head or arm in your way


Second Row:

All photos were taken in Florence (Firenze)

– First picture is of the Duomo– I think that this Duomo houses the most beautiful dome which we saw on our trip

– Second picture is of David, which I sneakily took at The Accademia. We spent a good half an hour sitting and staring at the sculpture’s front, and another half an hour at the back – still not too sure if we really needed a break from walking, or if the sculpture itself was so captivating that it made us spend that much time in the gallery…

But we were definitely mesmerized by the detail and life-likeness in this work of art.

For those who have heard horror stories of the lines and waiting time to enter The Accademia and Uffizi, fear not – you can actually book express tickets online so you can cut the queue!

– Third picture is of Ponte Vecchio – it was a very pleasant and romantic experience walking along the Old Bridge, which is characterized by the numerous goldsmiths’ shops


Third Row:

– First picture is one of Peas standing by the “Fountain of Joy” (Fonte Gaia), located at the Piazza del Campo of Siena – Siena is my favorite Tuscan city – beating Florence and Pisa. The old city packs in loads of charm and is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site

Did you know that they named a Crayola Colour (Burnt Sienna) after this Tuscan city?

If ever you visit Siena, be sure to visit La Taverna di San Giuseppe Siena for a hearty Tuscan meal – introduced to me by my Cousin J, it ranks as one of my top 3 best dining experiences in Italy =)

– Second picture was a random shot taken while we were roaming along the streets of Rome – the little brown dog decided to stop for a water break during her walk – she told me the water tasted so very fresh =)

– Third picture was taken when we went on the Subterranean Tour of the Colosseum – definitely worth paying up for a guided tour, the underground tour brought us to the restricted levels of the Colosseum – the tour guide also explained the history behind the “Flavian Amphitheatre” with much gusto (saves reading Frommers or Rick Steves)


Fourth Row:

– First picture was taken at the Pantheon – the Roman Temple just looks so harmonious and poetic – there was a serenity about just looking up and into the sky – we were really lucky to be at the Pantheon when it was sunny and rainy – all in the same day!

– Second picture was taken in Venice – the beautiful white sculpture called “Boy With Frog” by Charles Ray faces the Grand Canal – it was a mesmerizing sight – the sculpture is of the Boy, holding a Frog by its feet and looking at it with part curiousness and (almost) part disdain… until now, I don’t quite know what to make of it

– Third and final picture is one of some street art I discovered while we were walking the streets of Milan in search of some really good pizza – I named it the “Veggie Revolution”


So those are my 12 favorite pics from Italy! Thanks for letting me walk down memory lane this late Friday night

Happy Weekend everyone!