no point crying over spilt milk


so for those who breast-feed their babies exclusively – this is a post asking for sympathetic / knowing “aawww poor thinggggg” / “i TOTALLY feeeeel you”

It’s been a few days since the incident and somehow I didn’t have time to post my draft post til now…

like waking up at 4.30 am on a THURSDAY morning (yes, thursday – the work week was still very much alive and kicking my butt) wasn’t enough,
i lovingly thawed Sage’s feeds overnight in the fridge
lovingly put it into my ice-bag
lovingly and carefully drove her and the bags of milk to my parents’ place this morning
lovingly removed the packets of milk and walked to the fridge

“oh oooppps”
“fridge is full” i thought to myself
“what if the milk bags topple over when the next person opens the fridge?”
“god forbid that should happen to my precious milk – let me just adjust some stuff here and there…. and”

(yes – it looked and sounded like an egg landing on the floor – i can still remember it oh so vividly)

my dad and I stood in front of the packet of milk (now lying very limp and ozzing milk) on the floor
i thought to myself “ARGHHHHHH #$%e#$%s#$#$%#%$#%#$#%$#%#$%”
but i said “huh Dad… i’m just going to go over there and cry now”

my dad stared at the milk on the floor and said “how? throw away?”

then in my last ditch attempt to salvage whatever i could
i said “oh wait wait don’t touch it maybe it’s just leaking over here, let me try to grab it over there and see if we can…”


the rest of the milk GUSHED out of the bag in the most dramatic milk bag exit i’ve ever seen

i died a little inside

i picked up the broken bag and threw it away in the sink in disgust


my dad, looked at me and said
“nevermind nevermind there’s more in the freezer”
and quickly took another pack out to thaw – perhaps he thought i wouldn’t remember that i JUST dropped a whole 5 oz bag of milk onto the floor
oh Dad — he’s so sweet

so he realised that i turned a lil’ pale and quiet
and went over to the sink and picked up the broken bag with some frozen bits of milk in it
and he said “errrrr… maybe we can still use this for Sage’s cereal this morning?”

i looked at him and said “Dad i can’t talk about this now – let’s just throw it away”

so sad
so so
so sad

i’m not blessed with milk flows of a dairy cow
so i’m the sort of mom who taps the breast pump for even 1 last extra drop of milk

so imagine my HORROR

in any case, no point crying over spilt milk — i consoled myself with a VENTI white choc mocha decaf latte that morning

should have taken a picture


such things

in any case – im hoping this brings some comic relief for you guys — silver lining

Have a good Sunday!

B for Bananas for dropping my milk bag!


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